The Client’s Guide on the Architectural Process

The Client’s Guide on the Architectural Process

At Ourspace, we are trained to advise you on, and guide you through all facets of a building project. We have created a guide, broken into 3 sections. Upon our initial meeting with you, we will go through these stages with you, and discuss any questions or concerns you may have.

Take a look at our summary of the various architectural stages. From Concept through to completion, we have explained all right here in this guide and checklist, that reminds you of all important tasks and decisions that need to be considered for your project.

CLICK HERE: Architectural Process + Checklist



The architectural design brief is how we understand what you like, your expectations and design style. It gives us the practical information for us to begin to design your home.

Take a look through our design brief and go through as many questions as you can. Don’t panic, it doesn’t all need to be filled out upon our meeting, and we will go through it all with you, so we can begin a good Conceptual Design showing in the features you require.

CLICK HERE: Design Brief for Client’s

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