Prefabricated Housing – The saviour for the housing shortage in New Zealand.

We’ve recently published a post about prefabricated housing, and why we are all for it. The conversation has been opened up again to the benefits of this process by a recent interview with Pamela Bell, CEO of Prefab NZ with Radio NZ.

Better modern design and international technology have allowed for best building solutions to be provided by prefabrication.

Probably the most internationally famous brand would be the HUF-HAUS company, based in Germany. These architecturally designed, eco-friendly and energy efficient prefabricated houses have proven so popular, they now have branches in a majority of European countries and reported to be one of the most successful episodes broadcast on Grand Designs.

Prefabricated houses are manufactured and constructed in a factory, and then brought to the desired site and assembled. They are usually the quickest and easiest way of building a house, and this way removes a huge amount of on-site risk.

Common misconceptions of prefabricated houses used to be and still are with some people, that these types of houses do not offer the same value or people can tell its a cheap prefab house, but in reality, prefabricated homes gain value the same way a traditional home does, and once assembled it is near impossible to tell the difference. They also tend to be highly energy efficient as every aspect is manufactured to fit tight and neat together.

See our graphic below listing just a few key benefits of prefabricated homes.

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