Our values


We value innovation and creativity and we aim to provide high quality, energy-efficient buildings not only for our clients but also for the future generations with passion.


We have respect towards you, your aspirations and your building. Understanding vision, expectations and skill set of all those involved ensures a smooth, enjoyable relationship, after all. We appreciate the diverse voices of New Zealand and respect different cultures.



We like to connect with our clients, to listen, teach and learn to deliver excellent outcomes. In the OSA open plan office, we’ll bounce off each other to provide the full-service you deserve.


We are strongly passionate about healthier homes to help enhance the lifestyle of the community. If we can contribute to the landscape of future generations health and happiness, we’ve done our job.

Who we are

OSA is a practice providing a range of Architectural, Planning, and Consulting services. Our goal is to create value through innovative, inspirational yet environmentally sustainable architecture that will stand the test of time. We’ve joined the Superhome Movement to help drive our goal.

The practice was established in Auckland in 1988. Today it has grown to include a team with over 30 years of experience in the fields of Architecture & Planning. The ability to provide a quality design in cost-effective ways has led to our growing reputation. Beginning in Waitakere, our client base has grown over the last 30 years to service all areas of New Zealand from Tutukaka to Wanaka, and projects undertaken in the Pacific Islands. Our combination of strong design management and coordination skills have allowed us to deliver successful projects on time and within budget.

OSA has a proven track record in the design and development of projects ranging from education, comprehensive multi-unit residential developments, community-based housing schemes to commercial and industrial developments. We’re a practice committed to delivering unique quality design solutions individually tailored to the needs of the client.

Who we are


Andre Kemp-Upton

Creative Director 

André has over 32 years of experience in Residential, Multi-residential, Commercial, Industrial & Urban design. 

As the director at Our Space Architecture, Andre is proud of the transitions and growth the firm has experienced and is going to experience in the decades to come. All along creating healthy and memorable living and working environments in New Zealand and abroad. He is also competent in Feasibilities and Site Analysis, Project design and coordination, Contract Administration and Observation, and Project Management.

In recognizing that said objectives are important for the experience of comfort in spaces, it is apparent that the demand for our services goes beyond the residential realm. As such Ourspace Architecture is leading in the ability to cater for a variety fields comprising of unique residential, commercial and industrial design solutions. Andre and Ourspace is involved to Superhome Movement and very passionate about promoting and designing healthier homes for New Zealanders. 


James Anderson

 Architectural Designer 

As an Architectural designer for Our Space Architecture my goal is to be the person who helps our clients realize the space they dream of inhabiting. I have lived, worked, and studied across the country so I combine a passion form the local environment with a broad education and desire to meet and defeat new challenges every day. 

Before I completed my architecture degree, I spent years studying and working in other fields before I finally realized my passion
I combined an arts degree and a science degree into a job working as a technical communicator streamlining communications within the healthcare system so that patients could get the treatment they needed more easily and efficiently. While I may have moved on from that job, I have not abandoned everything I learned about the value of good communication to the success of every endeavor.

Now I am committed to using my life experiences to help Our Space clients feel comfortable with the architectural design process and I am an enthusiastic sounding board early in the design process, and a
reliable first point of contact throughout.


Abdullah Motawaze 

 Architectural Designer 

Architecture for me is more than beautiful forms, shapes, and patterns, which has the purpose of serving human beings. It is a social
activity and a realm of interaction between public and private, beauty and technology, form, and space. Great architecture is an institution that considers the human scale, spiritual comfort, and cultural values.

I have been interested in the relationship between art and architecture from a young age. I have been fortunate enough to study what I am passionate about and began working in New Zealand based studios.
Following five years of experience, I can confidently state that architecture brings to life the strongest aspects of my personality; an interest in art and design, my passion for sustainable society and well-being of environment.

My ambition is to further explore
the ways that architecture may engage curiosity, evoke emotion, and improve
daily living. In my design, I strive to enlighten and empower people, and above all, to enrich the human experience and make everyday lives more beautiful.

Melinda Morris-Ponga  

Office Manager / Marketing

As an  OSA Office Manager, my focus is to
support the goal of workplace synergy – together we create what we cannot alone.

Customer service has been the focus of all my roles as I enjoy helping others, doing what’s needed to create “a well-oiled machine” as my dad would say, and it is the word “create” that delights me most. Whether it is creating a work of art, designing a room décor, coordinating a special event, or an office system plan I am in my element. I grow up in  New Zealand and moved to the Cook Islands and Australia which offered me the opportunity to experienced new environments and learn about other cultures.  I have developed and run my own businesses in boutique accommodation and in the special events beauty industry. 

Being a mother and new grandmother, I live with the principal that I am the caretaker for the next generations. I love the full circle product concept and OSA has introduced me to the Superhome movement that supports sustainable development. I look forward to being the welcoming face, voice, or message to greet you when you contact us at OSA


Ivy Nguyen


Being a part of the OSA team is to bring our deep knowledge and specialties of architecture closer to our clients. 

My goal is to deliver the most effective
marketing strategies which are developed organically from a clear firm-wide vision associating with the knowledge from my university major of Marketing, Advertising & Sales, and my experience of marketing my previous fashion business. Besides, I also can apply what I have learned from the course of Bachelor in Tourism, Hospitality, and Events Management in Singapore to result in the best service to customers, and good communication skills to help identify and meet the needs of our clients. 

I am looking forward to bringing quality architectural content and knowledge to you, our potential customers.

Our Philosophy

We live by our philosophy “creating spaces for happier people" because everyone deserves to live in healthy and comfortable homes and spaces in New Zealand. Thus, we endeavour to understand the clients' requirements and perceptions around this to cater the best design solutions. 

Passive design (that results in energy efficient homes) is our greatest passion. It is paramount for us to utilise the natural resources that mother nature has given us, as this results in saving energy bills and promotes a healthy lifestyle. Buildings should be a machine that functions, therefore passive design is the key to sustainable buildings. 

“Architecture is really about well-being. I think that people want to feel good in a space… On the one hand it’s about shelter, but it’s also about pleasure.” – Zaha Hadid 

Our passion


Medium density housing is a modern living form that’s highly productive and efficient, and is one of our favourite subjects and we have worked on quite a number of sites since 2000s.



We are a partner of Superhome Movement that promotes healthy and energy efficient homes for all Kiwis. We love to design buildings that obtain 6 Homestar rating or above.


If you have any questions or are ready to start a project, make contact with us today.

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