Kaurilands School


The new Staffroom at Kaurilands School offers a large comfortable, quiet space for the ever growing staff. The Staffroom is positioned to the rear of the Library away from the playgrounds, which allows the teachers to have their well earned breaks in peace. The Staffroom is surrounded by a covered and uncovered deck cantilevering over the native bush that encapsulates Kaurilands School. The seamless views can be enjoyed both inside and outside through the large windows or glass balustrad.

The multi-purpose room adjoins the staffroom by a wall length acoustic bi-fold door, which can be opened up fully to create a much larger room for conferences, or closed up to be used as a Multi-purpose room. The staffroom is fully insulated with double glazing to stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Our services included full Architectural services; Design, Consents, Contract procurements and Contract Administration and Observation.