Our Client's Guide

At Ourspace, we are trained to advise you on, and guide you through all facets of a building project. We have created a guide, broken into 3 sections – The Initial Stage – The Architectural Stage – The Tender and Construction Stage. Also attached is a checklist so you can keep a record of where the project is at during each stage.

Upon our initial meeting with you, we will go through these stages with you, and discuss any questions or concerns you may have. Our Design Brief questionnaire is also included. This helps us gather as much information about you, about your site, and about what you want from us, so we can begin the process.

The Client's Guide

The Architectural process may seem daunting and stressful to some, but it shouldn’t stop you from having your home designed your way. At Ourspace Architecture, we have separated the process into 3 steps. During the process, we will communicate clearly with you and will require your collaboration through the early stages.

The Initial Stage

  • The beginning
  • Who to choose? (Ourspace, of course)
  • Preliminary/Feasibility stage

The Architectural Stage

  • Concept Design
  • Developed/Schematic Design
  • Resource Consent
  • Building Consent

The Tender + Construction Stage

  • Tender Documentation and Analysis
  • Construction and Contract Administration


What inspires you? What do you require for your new home? Is it going to be your family home, or a rental, or a beach house? How many living rooms and bedrooms do you want?

There are a huge number of questions that we need to ask before we can begin your design. Just talking about it can send stress levels through the roof, so we’ve made it easy…

We’ve compiled a list of questions for you to browse, and upon our initial meeting, we can discuss in more detail. In order for us to create your design brief, we need to understand your style, and what you like and don’t like.

Even if you know what you’d like and how you would like it built, this can still be used as a checklist to help you on some important issues like landscaping and building performance. Helping us with these decisions allows us to create the best design for both you and the proposed site. It helps us design a home that is practical to your budget allowance, and let’s us know if we can cover just the basics or include some additional “desires” into your new home.

Design Brief